Hello Rancho Elementary!

Here are Chaco and Cayenne’s chocolate litter of 4 females and 6 males.

We want to thank Ms. Gilbert’s 4th graders from Rio Rancho Elementary
for providing all the names for the pups.

New arrivals!

Enchanted Desert Labs is expecting a litter of chocolate pups any day now.
Chaco and Caya’s litter should be arriving very soon.

Sonora is keeping Caya company in the whelping box.

We are also expecting another litter of chocolates around the middle of April.
This will be from Chaco and Jalapeno aka Jali.
About the same time in April, Chip and Salsa will be having a litter of yellows.
Stay tuned!  I can send you pictures if you would like.
Al  575.418.8191  or email me:  alhansenlabs@gmail.com