Chip and Belize pups!

Chip and Belize had an all yellow litter of 6 pups back on July 2nd. It was made up of 4 males and 2 females. Mom did a great job raising her pups and now Bev and I are lonesome once again.

We had 2 males and 1 female stay in the state of New Mexico. Another male was picked up by his new family from Tucson, AZ. The 4th male is now in San Jose, CA. Then we had a female who is now in Fort Collins, CO.

I was very pleased to know that two of the males will be used as duck hunting dogs. Chip is my hunting dog and I still love to get out once in a while to hunt ducks. That is something that I have been doing since 1954.

There are no females pregnant at this time.
Al and Bev

St. Paddy’s Pups

At 1:20PM, on St. Paddy’s Day, Caya had her 7th black pup, which happened to be a female. That was her last pup. The final tally on the Chip/Caya litter is 5 black males and 2 black females.


We have an appointment with the vet for Thursday, at 3:00PM, to have the dewclaws removed from the pups.

The best news of all is that they look healthy and have been nursing. One can tell that easily especially when it is so quiet in the whelping box. Not much fussing at all with this litter. That is a great sign. If you are a bird hunter, these pups should be some very good retrievers. Both parents, Chip and Caya, have been raised as family dogs and are blessed with some wonderful personalities.

Here are a few photos, with the 1st one taken on March 1st and the last 3 taken on 3-17-2.


Call Al for availability 575-418-8191.

Buddy + Buck

Buddy and BuckBB_MG_7457BB_MG_7386BB_MG_7494

UPDATE: Buck is sold, Buddy is still available.

These two boys are developing very well! They are 9 weeks old. Their dewclaws have been removed and they have had their first shots and a thorough wellness exam at the vets.

If you have inclinations of having a retriever, please call me and I can send you pictures of their parents and grand parents.

Jalapeno, one of our two chocolate females is the mother of the litter and Chip, our yellow sire, is the father.

$800.00 + tax. We can help with delivery if you need that. Questions? Call Al 575-418-8191.