Stud Muffin Opie

Opie Taylor (named after Opie Taylor on The Andy Griffith Show) is the dad to our future litters. He is a AKC register Red Fox Lab- red fox labs are classified as yellow labs with a darker coat according to AKC. He has such a sweet temperament and trains very easily. We cannot wait toContinue reading “Stud Muffin Opie”

Zorra Lynn (April 15th)

Exciting News! We have our dam, Zorra Lynn, going through her first heat cycle at 6 months old. It is highly advised to allow females to go through their first heat cycle without getting pregnant as they are still puppies and are growing rapidly. We have been keeping Zorra and Opie separated going on 2Continue reading “Zorra Lynn (April 15th)”

New Owners of Enchanted Desert Labs

We are the Ortega Family. My husband Matthew and I (Kc) would like to introduce ourselves as the new owners of Enchanted Desert Labs. We are beyond excited for the new adventure our little family is about to embark on. We have two kiddos, and four amazing labs. At this stage in our lives, weContinue reading “New Owners of Enchanted Desert Labs”

We’re in the Puppy House!

Jalapeno’s litter is now in the Puppy House. They are quick learners and already know how to use the doggy door. Potty training has begun. The pups all go outside to go to the bathroom! On Friday, March 3rd, the entire litter goes to the vet.  Each will be weighed and given their first twoContinue reading “We’re in the Puppy House!”