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Al Hansen 

Bev Hansen

Puppies are priced at $950.00 plus state tax.  They come with a full AKC registration.
Each of our pups will see the vet 2 times before it leaves our kennel heading for a new home.  On the very first visit, which is usually within the first three days of its life, each of our pups is looked at by the vet and then they have their dew claws removed.
At 6 weeks of age they will see the vet for the second time.  Each pup goes through a very thorough “wellness exam”.  On this visit they get their first two shots which are for Parvo and Distemper.
We have been visited by the AKC district representative from Fort Worth, TX.  He inspected our kennel and dogs. He even looked at our new Puppy House and really like it. We passed with flying colors. He also told us that only about 3% of all AKC breeders use a vet to take care of the dogs.

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During the months of May through September we like taking our dogs to the lake for some serious swimming  There is a reason why Labrador retrievers are called, “Waterdogs”!

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Just before our females are to give birth, we bring them into our home about a week to ten days prior to that.  This way they can get used to being in the Whelping Box that we provide them with and their new surroundings, our office.  This has worked exceedingly well and we are most pleased with it. Here they will stay until the puppies are approximately 4 weeks old. At this time the little tykes are getting wise to the ways and have learned how to get out of the whelping box.  More than once we have had a puppy or two come visit us in the living room while watching TV.

This past year Bev and I built a Puppy House which is 8’x12′ in size and also has a 10’x12′ outside exercise area with a doggie door. Habi and her litter of 10 black puppies were the first to try it and it worked to perfection. At the end of 6 weeks the pups are taken away from their mother and they began eating the puppy food that we had been giving them since they turned 4 weeks old. So for three times a day they had regular meals and all worked exceptionally well. Here they all stayed until they were picked up by their new owners. The Puppy House is well insulated and also has that luxury of shade provided by apple and peach trees.

While the pups are in the whelping box and or Puppy House, we spend much time socializing them.  This is of utmost importance to us.  We also have children come over to help us and of course everyone knows that “Kid Tested and Approved” puppies are the best!
We take great pride in the pups that we raise.  Each of them possess that special charm that only labs seem to have.   If you are interested in a pup, give us a call or contact us via email.  We can let you know when we are expecting a litter and what colors they will be.
Al and Bev Hansen

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7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Bella (Cate) was so calm on the 2 hour ride home! She has such a wonderful temperament. We love her more today than yesterday! Thank you for the wonderful puppy. Am following your site looking for some chocolates!!

  2. A remarkable breed of Labs with top notch inherent abilities/skill-set for both the field & family room! I’ve hunted over hundreds of labs in my Waterfowling Career all over North & South America and Al & Bev’s dogs are unquestionably the best of the best. If I ever acquire another, EDL is one of two places in the America’s that I would shop for my next hunting/family canine.
    To be even more specific, early in my relationship with EDL/Al&Bev it was my honor to hunt over “Chili”…..the best all around Lab I’ve ever spent time with!! I’ve literally described Chili to many in my travels as “The Wonder Dog”!!!
    Best wished for continued success EDL “The Hidden Jewel of the Dessert”

  3. Thank you thank you thank you for our beautiful boy. He’s a great addition to our family. This has been the best experience I’ve had getting a dog. Jake is big, healthy and fit. He knows when to be calm and when to be excited. I can’t express how happy I am working with both of you getting him. I’ve emailed you some pictures of him and hope you agree he’s gorgeous. Everyone that sees him comments on how beautiful he is. I tell them where to look for one close to him. I’ve already told my husband when we get another dog we’re coming to you. Jake has even gotten his first tittle in obedience! He loves everyone and can make a dog hater into a dog lover with his antics!

  4. We purchased a puppy 12 years ago from you. Lucy was the beautiful dog. Love caring compassionate loyal athletic and family friendly. She made our family and lived complete. She passed last week and she left a huge hole. First I want to thank you for allowing us to have Lucy and make her part of our family. We are interested in getting another puppy. Please keep me in formed about availability. If I could post a picture I would. Thank you again!

  5. My Dad, George Whitaker got a yellow lab from you in April of 2018. In mid 2019 he moved to Alabama with Titan. Unfortunately my Dad passed last month but Titan is now back in New Mexico. He is a big boy, 115 lbs!!! He is a great listener with a wonderful personality. Thank you for giving my Dad a dog he loved with all his heart. Titan truly was his baby!

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