Welcome Ortega family!

We are excited to announce that we have found a perfect family that will continue to keep Enchanted Desert Labs (EDL) open for many years to come. We have the upmost confidence that the Ortega’s will keep Al’s love, respect, and excitement for Enchanted Desert Labs going with each litter to come in the future. The new owners had a very special bond with Al over labs, breeding, hunting, teaching, photography, and the great outdoors. Over the years, they became dear friends, and we are excited to have them take over this business for Al and Bev.

This Ortega family has been apart of EDL for 5 years after they picked out their first lab, Aspen, from Chip and Habi’s litter back in 2018. With much education and dedication, The Ortega family will continue to provide you with high quality AKC champion bloodline Labradors. They currently own 4 labs from different litters that were produced from Enchanted Desert Labs. Matthew, Kc, and their children currently reside in Bosque Farms, NM.

In the coming weeks the Ortega family will introduce themselves as the new owners to Enchanted Desert Labs.


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