Stud Muffin Opie

Opie Taylor (named after Opie Taylor on The Andy Griffith Show) is the dad to our future litters. He is a AKC register Red Fox Lab- red fox labs are classified as yellow labs with a darker coat according to AKC. He has such a sweet temperament and trains very easily. We cannot wait to see the puppies that come from him. Opie is such a big, loving boy!

We are hoping our first litter is successful in October/November 2023. Our first litter will be Opie and Zorra.


Zorra Lynn (April 15th)

Exciting News! We have our dam, Zorra Lynn, going through her first heat cycle at 6 months old. It is highly advised to allow females to go through their first heat cycle without getting pregnant as they are still puppies and are growing rapidly. We have been keeping Zorra and Opie separated going on 2 weeks now. Which means…. PUPPIES!

We should be expecting Zorra to go through her 2nd heat cycle sometime around October 2023. During her second heat cycle, we will prepare for puppies about 63 days after getting pregnant. We are ecstatic to be preparing for our first litter later this year.

If you are interested in getting on the waitlist for a pup, now is the time to call and put down a deposit. There are two waitlists: females and males. Puppies are chosen by the desired sex AND in the order of deposits that are made.

For more information, please send us an email or give us a call: enchanteddesertlabsnm@gmail.com 505.879.8443/ 505.859.2847

Zorra Lynn and Ella playing in our first spring watering!


New Owners of Enchanted Desert Labs

We are the Ortega Family. My husband Matthew and I (Kc) would like to introduce ourselves as the new owners of Enchanted Desert Labs. We are beyond excited for the new adventure our little family is about to embark on. We have two kiddos, and four amazing labs. At this stage in our lives, we tend to be very busy. My husband and I envision our kids knowing and respecting life, nature, and being able to become educated in life science. I am a small business owner at New Mexico Birth Photography. I primarily photograph mamas during labor and delivery, producing them with the ultimate birth story galleries. My family resides in Bosque Farms, NM (15 minutes outside of Albuquerque). Enchanted Desert Labs will now be moved to Bosque Farms, still providing labs worldwide.

Like many of you, Al and Bev became dear friends of ours through the mutual love of Labrador Retrievers. After many visits and countless conversations we quickly realized we had much more in common than we could have ever imagined. My husband and Al had a mutual love of hunting big game. Al was the man who sparked our interest with duck hunting. Both Al and I were teachers, and avid photographers. We would send each other images of our labs, knowing the other would appreciate the art. When we received the news of Al’s passing, both my husband and I were truly heartbroken. We all lost an amazing and dear friend in the process, and I am sure many of you can relate with these mutual feelings. Al was an amazing husband, father, friend, and business owner.

Once my husband and I herd the news, we wanted to do everything we could to keep Al’s vision and love of labradors alive. We purchased the business from Bev, and we obtained everything we could from the business to ensure that we will continue breeding Champion Bloodline AKC Labradors. We are so excited to keep Enchanted Desert Labs (EDL) open, and providing others with high quality Labs. We will be keeping the EDL bloodline going through our sire and 2 dams. It is just as important to us, as it was to Al, and Bev. My husband and I had many conversations (lessons if you will) on proper breeding, vet care, training, temperament, and business with Al over the last 5 years. We look forward to producing our very first litter in the coming months.

We have four labs, 3 of which come directly from Enchanted Desert Labs. We received our very first pup, Aspen 5 years ago from Al and Bev. She was from Chip and Habi’s litter in 2018.

Last year my husband picked up our second pup, Opie, after a very hard passing of his grandfather. We felt it was a perfect time to add another pup to our family. Opie is our Sire, and will ultimately be the dad to many litters. His temperament is exceptional. He is considered a Red Fox Lab which is recognized by AKC as a purebred yellow lab.

Which leads us to our 2 damns. They are both exceptional pups that we have obtained from Al and Bev. We picked up Zorra in December 2022. She is from a litter produced by Coal & Belize. Our Zorra girl is by far the most calm and relaxed pup. She loves cuddles, and is great with kids. If you can’t tell, she picked up her great looks from her dad, Coal. Zorra should be producing our very first litter late this year. She is expected to go into her second heat cycle in October. If you are interested in a pup for her littler, please email us at enchanteddesertlabsnm@gmail.com


Last but not least, we have our newest pup Ella. She is our 11 week old lab. She is still very much in the puppy stage of sleeping constantly, and teething. She is also showing a very calm and relaxed temperament. She is from a litter produced by Coal & Jalapeno.

If it isn’t obvious, we absolutely love labs. They are the perfect family dog. They are great workers, and have the best temperament. Labs are also very easy to train. We are so excited to keep Enchanted Desert Labs open, and producing the best high quality labs for your family.

We are happy to be moving forward with EDL as new owners. We are excited to continue Al and Bev’s dreams of having lab puppies everywhere! We look forward to completing your family with a Enchanted Desert Lab in the near future.

Matthew & Kc ortega

505.879.8443 -OR- 505.859.2847


Welcome Ortega family!

We are excited to announce that we have found a perfect family that will continue to keep Enchanted Desert Labs (EDL) open for many years to come. We have the upmost confidence that the Ortega’s will keep Al’s love, respect, and excitement for Enchanted Desert Labs going with each litter to come in the future. The new owners had a very special bond with Al over labs, breeding, hunting, teaching, photography, and the great outdoors. Over the years, they became dear friends, and we are excited to have them take over this business for Al and Bev.

This Ortega family has been apart of EDL for 5 years after they picked out their first lab, Aspen, from Chip and Habi’s litter back in 2018. With much education and dedication, The Ortega family will continue to provide you with high quality AKC champion bloodline Labradors. They currently own 4 labs from different litters that were produced from Enchanted Desert Labs. Matthew, Kc, and their children currently reside in Bosque Farms, NM.

In the coming weeks the Ortega family will introduce themselves as the new owners to Enchanted Desert Labs.

Sad News

There is no easy way to share this news, but Al Hansen passed away unexpectedly Friday morning. Al was a husband, father and friend to many, and will be missed, especially by those with whom he connected through his love of dogs. And that remains an important matter at hand. While this will be the last batch of puppies from Enchanted Desert Labs, Bev and Al’s friends and family remain committed to ensuring that any of the puppies they are currently rearing will receive all the nurturing and veterinary care for which they are scheduled. This includes puppies that have currently been spoken for, and those that will soon be available to new homes. Look to this site for continued updates and postings about the availability of the puppies.

If you so believe, somewhere there’s a marsh pond where Al has been handed a mallard, and a young chocolate is experiencing the glory of his big, loving embrace. And its tail wag never ends. RIP.

We’re in the Puppy House!

Jalapeno’s litter is now in the Puppy House. They are quick learners and already know how to use the doggy door. Potty training has begun. The pups all go outside to go to the bathroom!

On Friday, March 3rd, the entire litter goes to the vet.  Each will be weighed and given their first two shots for parvo and distemper then a very thorough wellness exam.

Jalapeno’s litter (6 pups) born on January 20th, 2023.