Great News from Enchanted Desert Labs

Salsa_2015_2We have been waiting on Salsa, our sweet yellow female who when paired with Chaco, our chocolate sire, produces litters of chocolate and black puppies.  We thought maybe that she was pregnant but wanted to make sure so this morning at the vets she had an ultrasound. The vet showed me the puppies on the screen. From what he said, it looks like about 3 more weeks and she will be giving birth to her litter.  The last three litters that Salsa and Chaco have had, 70% were chocolate pups and 30% black pups. As of June 26th, 1st pick chocolate female and 1st pick chocolate male have been spoken for in Salsa’s upcoming litter.  We are taking deposits to hold a pup if you care to do that.  We accept checks and or PayPal.

Going, going, gone.

We want to thank everyone who bought pups from Serrano and Chip’s
litter. All the pups were spoken for by the time they were 3 1/2
weeks old.

Our next litter will be an ‘all yellow’ one that will be coming from
Habi and Chip some time late this fall.  These pups should be some
phenomenal retrievers. Knowing the wonderful disposition of both
parents they will be great family pets for sure. 1st and 2nd pick
females have already been spoken for. Stay tuned because we will be
updating the website.
Al and Bev Hansen